LT1028 (better version of LT115)
  • LT1028 (better version of LT115)

LT1028 (better version of LT115)

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Ultra low noise high precision operational amplifier. Compatible with LT1115 (which has less good DC characteristics, altough very good). DIL08.


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  • Voltage Noise
    1.1nV/rt Hz Max. at 1kHz
    0.85nV/rt Hz Typ. at 1kHz
    1.0nV/ rtHz Typ. at 10Hz
  • 35nVP-P Typ., 0.1Hz to 10Hz
  • Gain-Bandwidth Product
    LT1028: 50MHz Min.
  • Slew Rate
    LT1028: 11V/µs Min..
  • Offset Voltage: 40µV Max.
  • Drift with Temperature: 0.8µV/°C Max.
  • Voltage Gain: 7 Million Min.
  • Voltage and Current Noise 100% Tested
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