QSXM2 Ultra Extreme RIAA amplifier
  • QSXM2 Ultra Extreme RIAA amplifier
  • QSXM2 Ultra Extreme RIAA amplifier

QSXM2 Ultra Extreme RIAA amplifier

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This is a masterpiece when it comes to vinyl listening experience, an ultra high performing RIAA amplifier which can handle MC and MM cartridges. I have put lot's of work into the design and every built amp have worked right away. It's an unpopulated pcb.

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Interesting features

In order to get an extremely linear and extremely low distortion design I have taken a couple of measures:

  1. Configurable for both MM and MC cartridges
  2. Symmetrical design
  3. No capacitors in the signal paths
  4. Cascodes in the input stage and in the high gain stage
  5. Buffered cascodes with emitter followers
  6. Possibility to use ultra low noise transistors
  7. High speed output stage
  8. Advanced input bias servo with chopper stabilized or conventional opamp
  9. Totally DC-coupled together with DC-servos and input bias current servo
  10. Many decoupling capacitors and EMI-filters
  11. Professional quality printed circuit board with groundplane
  12. The pcb has lot's of possibilities when it comes to tweaking. You could use JFET's as input transistors for instance.

Data sheet

20 mm, 0.8"
238.8 mm, 9.4"
162.6 mm, 6.4"
128 g
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