SPS02 Sjöström Power Supply Built

VAT included

General purpose dual voltage power supply using LM317 and LM337. It's a built unit. Delivery time 1-3 weeks. The regulator is hand soldered by Per-Anders Sjöström, shop owner.

Since there can be many combinations of output voltages and polarity, dual or isolated, I will contact you before order. The price will be the same for all combinations.

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If it says "In stock" with a orange background it means that I will build on order. Green background means that I have it in stock.

Interesting features

  1. 2-layer pcb.
  2. Gold pads.
  3. High quality pcb.
  4. Option for having two isolated output voltages.
  5. Option for having two positive output voltages.

Data sheet

25.4 mm, 1"
118.1 mm, 4.65"
76.2 mm, 3.0"
306 g