SSR03 Sjöström Super Regulator Power Supply Built

VAT included

Ultra high performance dual voltage power supply with super regulator topology. It's a built unit. Delivery time 2-5 weeks. The regulator is hand soldered by Per-Anders Sjöström, the shop owner.

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Output voltage
Voltage reference


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Interesting features

  1. Extremely low noise.
  2. Very low output impedance in the audioband.
  3. Easy to change voltage, also to negative voltage but this particular design (pcb) requires two different pcb's, one for positive voltages and one for negative (not made yet).
  4. Well-known and well-tested in serious applications.
  5. Option for using three different kinds of smoothing caps.
  6. Option for the pass transisitor mounted on a heatsink on the pcb or an external.
  7. Option for a pre-regulator LM317/337 mounted on a heatsink on the pcb or an external.
  8. LM431 reference but I have made markings for anode, cathode and reference so it will be easy to mount any other 2- or 3 pin device like LM329.
  9. Trimpot for both reference and feedback in order to trim the output voltage easily.
  10. Short circuit protection via a PTC fuse and/or with a shunt and a transistor. The latter is more safe but will increase the output impedance somewhat. I recommend only the PTC fuse.
  11. All resistors 10 mm so it is possible to use a cut and bending machine for those parts.
  12. High output current, max 1-3 A but tests will determine how much. 1 ampere is garanteed.
  13. Nice looking pcb with double ground planes and very thick copper, 70 um.

Data sheet

50.8 mm, 2"
226 mm, 8.9"
114 mm, 4.51"
383 g