SPS01 Sjöström Power Supply

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Dual voltage power supply for power amplifiers, both tube amps and regular ones. It's an unpopulated pcb.

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Diodes can be bought. You will need 8 pcs. See the tab ACCESSORIES below.

The product will be produced when ordered. The delivery time will be announced.


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Interesting features

  1. 2-layer pcb with 70 um (2 oz.) copper.
  2. 2 mm thick pcb.
  3. Gold pads.
  4. Discrete High-End rectifiers.
  5. Option for TO218, TO247 and TO220 diodes.
  6. Snubbers at each diode.
  7. LED's as voltage indicators.
  8. Bleeder resistors.
  9. Option for three different pinouts of the big smoothing caps including the high performance models from BHC.
  10. Huge 16 sqmm (AWG5) terminals from Phoenix.
  11. Fuse holder, both for european and american types.
  12. Terminal for series inductor.

Data sheet

25.4 mm, 1"
220.3 mm, 8.68"
180.3 mm, 7.1"
180 g

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