RFB03 Rectifier Bridge

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A rectifier bridge for high demands. The pcb has four layers. It's an unpopulated pcb.

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Diodes can be bought. You will need 4 pcs. See the tab ACCESSORIES below.

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Interesting features

  1. Possible to use fast diodes
  2. Four layer printed circuit board
  3. High current pcb, thick copper traces
  4. 4 x 70 um copper thickness (70 um = 2 oz.)
  5. Pure gold on the pads and all other exposed copper surfaces
  6. "Snubberized", each diodes has snubbers
  7. Can take just about any diode, TO220, TO218 and TO247
  8. Possible to mount the diodes on a flat surface

Data sheet

25.4 mm, 1"
43 mm, 1.7"
109 mm, 4.3"
19 g

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