PA03 Power Amplifier

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A LM4780 based stereo for highly put demands designed by Pavel Dudek. It's also authorized by the designer. The pcb has two layers, gold pads and BLUE solder mask. It's an unpopulated pcb. There is no pcb's in stock but if more are needed the minimum order of 10 extra pcb's is required since this is a design which uses an obsolete part. /Regards Per-Anders Sjöström

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10 more pcb's must be ordered when you order more than the current stock. I will contact you in that case.

The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 10.


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Interesting features:

  1. Compact
  2. Versatile
  3. High performance, low distortion, low noise
  4. Extremely well-done pcb (says I, Per-Anders Sjöström! Pavel Dudek is the designer)
  5. Power supply on board except for transformer
  6. DC-protection circuit
  7. Start-up delay
  8. Mute, standby function
  9. Reliable, lot's of protection circuits. Protection against short circuit, high temperature, loss of supply voltage, low supply voltage.

Data sheet

25.4 mm, 1"
100 mm, 3.98"
190 mm, 7.48"
61 g