DCT02 DC filter for toroidal transformers, built unit

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A DC filter for in particular toroidal transformers. The pcb has two layers and gold pads. It's an built unit and the capacitors are 15000 uF/16 V and only 25 mm high.

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Interesting features

Do you have an amplifier with a (sometimes) buzzing toroid transformer? This DC trap or DC filter removes or at least lowers the buzzing.

  1. Room for up to 2 x 15000 uF snap-in high performance caps. The limitation is 35 mm max diameter.
  2. 2.1 V DC blocking voltage. Three diodes in series.
  3. Very thick copper traces, virtually impossible to burn off.
  4. Gold plated pads.

Data sheet

29 mm, 1.17"
78.7 mm, 3.1"
99.1 mm, 3.9"
87 g