QRV03 Headphone Amplifier

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A patented current feedback headphone amplifier for high demands. The pcb has two layers. It's an unpopulated pcb.

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Interesting features:

  1. The pcb fits virtually any single opamp
  2. Room for good coupling caps (if you must or like)
  3. Input LP-filter if you have problems with RF interference (you should have a filter though).
  4. High quality power supply with large smoothing caps. No transformers on the pcb.
  5. Fits any headphone (except for electrostatic of course).


Protected by patent

This design is protected by the US patent 5097223 but Analog Devices gives permission to build this amp for personal use. Those of you who want to read the patent, send me a message. I have a pdf file of it.

I have negotiated with Analog Devices about a permit of manufacturing pcb's in a small scale and this is now solved. This means that pcb's bought from me can't be used in a commercial product. If this is the case license must be obtained from Analog Devices.

Data sheet

25.4 mm, 1"
142.2 mm, 5.6"
157.5 mm, 6.2"
78 g